Led Zeppelin will be playing one reunion show as tribute to their late producer. Tickets are $250 each and to be eligible to buy them you have to be chosen through a lottery. If you don't live within driving distance of Greenwich, England. You're going to need airfare, so figure at least $400. If you live in the states, you'll need a passport, I don't know the price of that, but figure at least $200. You'll also need a place to stay, so figure $200 for that, plus $400 for transportation while you're there and spending money.

250 for a ticket
400 for airfare
200 for passport
200 for hotel
+ 400 for spending money

= $1450 Are you going alone? Probably not, so figure about $3000

Are you planning on going, and paying the $3000?

What would you do to go for free?
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Absolutely nothing.

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IIRC my passport was about $70.

And I wouldn't pay any more than $100 to see them play.

Funny considering my username.
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thats about south africa tho...which isnt poor at all.
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yea venezula is just the richest country in the world...
i wouldn't care
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200 for hotel
+ 400 for spending money

You don't need either. Your in London to see Led Zeppelin, that is your pilgrimage, your trip to Mecca, not an excuse to dink around downtown and buy ****. MAYBE like 20$ for some food, if you're really such a fat **** that you cant go without food for more then a few days. Cheap hotels are like 40$ as well.
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Absolutely nothing.

well, thats word for word what I was gonna say......
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I would mug a poor black bluesman for them. Infact, I'd mug several black bluesmen.
Nothing. Although I love Zep, I would rather not have to see an overweight old Jimmy Paige playing with an old, wrinkled, estrogen filled Plant.
okay, i was wrong, but thats still a lot of money
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Anything except kill someone. Man...if I had £375...(I subtacted airfare and passport.)
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I would sit through a half-assed Zeppelin reuinion for tickets.
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...maybe 20 push-ups? I really wouldn't go unless their concert was free...and I would have to be payed to go if there was no food.
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I don't want to go. It is going to be a horrible performance. Jimmy Page is an even sloppier player now, and Robert Plant can't sing anymore.
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I would complain about how disgustingly over-priced the whole affair is until tickets were given to me to shut me up. I would then probably enjoy being in London more than the actual concert, because Robert Plant can't sing for **** in this crazy day and age.
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I saw robert plant 3 years ago and he was great. I would probably not do anything though. Too much money. If it were like 100$ total I would without a doubt do it though.
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Heh. In the off chance I do get the tickets, I'm buying them, then putting them on ebay with a $500 starting bid each.

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Anything except kill someone. Man...if I had £375...(I subtacted airfare and passport.)

Id kill a man... if it was the old Zeppelin I'd kill bus loads of people.
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