wrong place for this thread thinks i, so shoot me

note: i know its the wrong place for it now, as some guy told me so and made me feel really dense but i dont care and im just going to put it here anyway.


im a big arctic monkeys fan.

like a HUGE one.

i dont mean im reet fat or anything, i mean i love their music with a passion.

so imagine my dismay at not being able to find a guitar pro tab for "dancing shoes" on this site that comes even close to being accurate.

i know... shocking.

not one to give up easily however, i learned the song from standard tabs etc, and then decided to create my own guitar pro tab of the song, and several hours later, lo' and behold, i have an accurate tab for the song at last.

now, not being the selfish type, i decided to share my limited wisdom to the masses by uploading my tab to this site.

however, the tab keeps getting declined! (*gasp*), in spite of the fact that it sounds 10 times better than anything already up here.

all fancy words and storytelling aside, i am genuinely baffled by this and wonder am i doing something crucialy wrong without realising it, perhaps on the tab itself.

though, admittedly, ive never had this problem when submitting guitar pro tabs before (take a look at em' why dont'ya)

ive attached the tab, so you can take a look and tell me what you think.

be quick though, my threads always get deleted because im silly and dont know where to post them (read up at the top)

Arctic Monkeys - Dancing Shoes.zip