Ive read the reviews on these heads and now im trying to get some more input
im thinking about getting either a B-52 at-100 100w head, or a Peavey Valveking 100w head.
im having a tough time deciding.
I play a whole bunch of stuff, grunge, classic rock, hair metal, 90s stuff, and metal ( metallica, megadeth, LoG, metalcore a little) basically everything rock.
SO if some people in the know could give me the pros and cons that i dont already know.
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Why do you want a 100watt head? Are you gonna be playing stadium gigs? Or are you needing pristine cleans are real high volumes?

I suggest a JCM900 head, they're nice and versitile.
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i'd definatly go with the b-52. the valveking cant handle anything past classic rock, and believe it or not, the b-52 is actually quite comparable with mesas. just so you know they are a little unreliable, but i'd still take it over the valveking.
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I would look used if I were you, you will save some money. 100 watts is a lot of power. Rock bands that tend to do small clubs or bars have pretty much moved away from the high powered heads and cabs, because you really can't crank them for that good power-tube distortion in anything but an auditorium. Many of the stacks you see in small bars are solid state, which look big but don't have near the power of an all-tube stack.
Don't get me wrong, I love full stacks and Porches. Just no place to use either.
Be aware that both your choices are budget Chinese amps, so the reliability will be a little more of an issue. If you buy new get a good warranty and take a backup to gigs.
And any comparison between a B52 and a Mesa is inaccurate.
i know 100w is too much, but i cant find any 50w amps, or hell 30 watt amps that can do what i want, correct me if im wrong
the only head i found so far thats lower wattage that i like is the tiny terror, if anyone can name something long those lines id be happy
otherwise im gonna have to build that torres boogie copy
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Here's a suggestion. Sounds like you already have a cab. Check out a Peavey Valveking 50 watt combo. You were going to spend $530 on the head. The combo is only $449 + $42 for the footswitch. You can run a 412 with it, although it cuts the internal speaker out. I would look used also, you might be able to pick up a Peavey Classic 30 for less than $450, and you can also run a cab with it if necessary. 30 watts tube power is enough for any but the largest gigs. With a combo you will get the flexibility of having the internal speaker, which will do most gigs without an ext. cab. Good luck.