I have a Jackson RR1T with a Duncan JB in the bridge and '59 in the neck. I want to buy EMG 81's but they are active pickups. Would i be able to put active pickups in a guitar that has Passive pickups in it?
o ok. I didn't know whether or not i needed a battery compartment like guitars that come w/ actives do. Is there a special way to set them up? Has anyone done this before that can help me out?
As far as I know when you buy actives you get the pots with them and everything. As for where you'll put the battery just make sure you have enough room where the pots go because that's most likely where you'll be putting it. Or maybe you'll get creative and figure something else out, I never had active pickups so I don't know much other than what I just wrote.
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wont work
you ll need to talk to a real tech
but the active pickups have to be separate from the passive pickups
so cuz the active pickups have a preamp and what not i read this somewhere and have heard about it around
its complicated i cant explain ask around
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Yeah i put an EMG in my neck position, instead of the stock passive. Works just fine, no worries.
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As long as they fit, they'll work. Hell, you could tape them to the outside of the body if you wanted.
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try to get a pair of actives, from what ive read its a real bear trying to have an active and a passive together, its really much easier on yourself to just bite the bullet and get an 81 85 combo
yah it's a pain the tookus to get passive and actives together, and the 81 85 are a good combo, or if you want cleans i belive the 60 in place of the 85? I could be wrong though.
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Setting up actives and passives is NOT a pain in the ass! I dont see why everyone thinks it is!

You just need a couple of extra pots.

Official EMG diagram with an active and two passives


Sure it's very easy. The problem is, if done correctly, the contribution from the passive will still be muddy when the two are used together. If done incorrectly (as one of the ""solutions" offered by EMG does), the passive will sound like mud even when used alone. Unless you know what you are doing, or are lucky enough to pick the right connection scheme, combining active and passive can be less than satisfying.
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