I am looking into buying a Mesa/Boogie rectifier as my next amp, but im not quite sure of the differnces between the single, dual, and triple rectifiers. i know their different wattages but is this the only major difference? im asking this because i would never use the full 100 watts of the dual, so if the single sounds similar i could get a better low volume sound. i have tried the dual at my local guitar center and i loved it, would it be safe to buy a single rectifier solo 50 head without trying it? thanks for the info.
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I believe the single does sound a little different.. but I'm not sure how at all, I just read that somewhere.
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wattage and # of tubes. 50 w = 2 tubes, 100w = 4 tubes, 150w = 6 tubes.
single rectifier = single pair of tubes.
dual rec = double pair
tri rec = triple pair

they do sound a bit different because their wiring is a bit different in each, but not by much.
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Also the single rectifier only has an SS recitifer, while the Dual and Triple has tube/ ss rectifier.
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the single sounds more like the old 2 channel dual and triple rectos.
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i know most of the bands I like use Dual Rectifiers, but the single sounds close to duals, or is it a big difference? suits hardrock/metal?