Bands like Tryo, La Rue Kétanou, Les Ogres de Barback, etc

It seems like I just can't get enough of them lately. If you have similar bands/artists, don't hesitate to share.

Tryo : Very popular in France and here in Quebec. Lyrics very humorous and/or politically influenced. I love them, they're actually what got me into this kind of music.

Audio : http://www.tryo.com/jukebox/mp3player.html

La Rue Kétanou : Their music and lyrics are very found of the bohemian style of life. These guys formed after meeting in a théâtre. Guitar, Accordon, and crazy love-related lyrics. They are my favourite atm.

audio : http://www.tousenlive.com/larueketanou
Les hommes que j'aime is crazy, I LOVE that song. La rue Kétanou (song title) is also really good.
i hate french music that ins't "pop".....they always seem to try too hard

does Hawaiiene by Les Trois Accords count tho?
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haha. Les trois accords are ridiculous. "funny" (well, they attempt to be comical) lyrics, but yeah. I don't really like their music, even though they're around here. The guys are awesome though, met them two times, had chats with them, really nice guys. We created the "Tokyo Poutine Project", but oh well, that's another different story...But musically they sound nothing alike what I'm trying to talk about here eheh.

Thanks for trying though .