Can someone help me to know if this guitar is the real deal? its rated 5 stars which i cant really believe because the site probably did it on purpose and there are no reviews. but it has a 15W amp which usually dont come with $100 guitars. so can someone help me because i need a guitar and i dont have much money and it seems to good to be true?

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it's more than likely a POS
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it might be because it's on clearance but you're right...seems too good to be true.
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Well the list price is 400 if that helps you, looks like a decent sort of beginnners guitar if your just starting out... i mean 100 bucks will get you nothing special but itll play and get you going.
i would save a lil bit more and get something better..... dont spect a guitar that last more that a week for under 60 bucks...
EDIT: sorry didnt read the part that youre a beginner.... in that case seems pretty good
No-name humbuckers and a bolt-on neck + clearance;

Price sounds right to me.
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It's rated 5 stars because for $100, you can't really go wrong. Guitar and an amp, even if it sucks, you can mod it yourself and make it a hobby guitar to fix up and gradually make better over the years. It seems to good to be true but think about it. It probably sucks but it will be something to to play around with. $100 is peanuts, buy the thing.
I used one similiar to it, basic washburn guitar, playing it on a stack with my friends... Off and on for a few years, and it basically died. It was decent then as a starter guitar, and that's about it. for 100.00 for all that you get, I wouldn't pass it up IF your beginning to play guitar. But if your looking for a starter guitar that will also take you further then just learning power chords, go to a local shop if possible and see what kind of packages they can put together for you.
If you've never owned a guitar before, buy something CHEAP to make sure it's something you really like and would like to spend more money on.
Considering it's a fully assembled guitar, it'd make for a great budget project guitar.
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Great list Rutch. On re-reading this one I'd have to say Solid State means not liquid or gas.

I figured it out.
if your just begining out and your can get a fair deal like that, id take it. its only 100 bucks
I owned an old washburn electric - wasn't that bad... I say go for it - I mean only a handfull of beginners ever go on to become serious guitarists - so buy it and see if the 6-string is yer cup of tea. Then WHEN and IF you become serious you can always give it to a young dude and get a better one
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Don't look at the ratings on musiciansfriend.com; 99% of them are made by noobs who just got their gear and are in the honeymoon phase.

(That goes for most of the ratings here on UG also)

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