Hey Guys

Why Is It That When I Post A Comment On An Article It Goes Through As If Its All Fine But Later On When I Click On The Article My Post Isnt There

Any Help Would Be Awesome !!!

Thanks Guys !!!

Blame It On The Love Of.......ROCK AN' ROLL !!!!
The capital letters thing might be why haha..
i posted a comment on the mcr gigin with jovi article.
and the article bout tommy lee leavin motley crue.

thanks for thelp dude
I had a quick search of those articles and this:

Quote by Krys Stryker

Don't you mean what were MCR thinking?

You can bitch about MCR all you like, but Bon Jovi are washed up "has-beens".


NO dude YOU Are Lame....MCR Are A Bunch Of Emo Fags !!,
You Have No Right To CAll Jovi Lame When The Are One Of The Best Selling Rock An' Roll Bands Of All Time !!
Whem MCR Have Sold Over 100,000,000 Albums...Then And Only Then Do You Even Get A Say....
And Speaking From Personal Experience...Seeing Jovi Infront Of 146,00 people In Milton Keynes Is The Best Gig Ive Ever Been To ... It Was An Amazing Gig....
So To Sum Up...Once Again...You Are Lame.

is the only message left on the MCR/BJ article and:

Quote by Krys Stryker

This SUCKS !!! Original Line-Up Crue Kicks Ass !!!
There Needs To Be A Re-surgence Of PROPER Rock Music Man...
The 80's Was The Best Decade For Heavy/ Rock Music Ever ...Its Just Hasnt been the Same Since Then.

the only one on the Tommy Lee one, so if you wrote any more they've been deleted. Judging by the first message I posted that's not unlikely and if you have posted more in a similar style you're somewhat fortunate to not be on a warning, the CCs (Column Cleaners) are pretty hot on anything that's spam or flaming, or which might be likely to insight similar posts, such as calling someone lame and telling them their favoured music is made by fags.

A couple of things on posting in the columns, and generally really: don't post in all caps or With The First Letter Of Every Word Capitalised Like This, it's difficult and annoying to read, and in the case of WRITING IN ALL CAPS it comes across as if you're SHOUTING or being aggressive. Also, be mature when you're replying. I know it's easy to be riled when someone slams your favourite band, even if you've got an otherwise measured temperament, so take a moment to compose yourself before hammering profanities out on your keyboard.