Yo, I'm fairly new to playing the bass guitar, not very good yada yada. Right now I'm trying to learn mainly Ska/Reggae basslines and recently(just the other day) got new strings. I've never tuned an instrument or anything so got a friend to, they were cut too short and my A string sounds f#$%ed. Also, the strings I got weren't necessairly the ones I should have, I've heard and read that Flatwound strings are better for playing reggae. So if anyone can toss in some insight on what kinda strings they use(specificaly for reggae/ska) that'd be cool. I don't need anything too expensive since I just spent $30 on new strings, but open to see what you use. Also, just for clarification, should the strings be wound around any more than once? I've read that 3-4 is better, thanks!

Oh yea, its just a regular Fender Squier P-Bass...
Flatwounds arent necessary for reggae (unless playing a fretless) to get a nice low thumpy tone just boost your lows and highs and cut your mids out either at 0 or some # below that