sorry for another one of these but i need help

i cant really tell the difference between these two schecters

one has EMGs and the other has EMG-HZs


^stilleto elite


^stilleto studio 4

whch one is a better buy since price is the same?
..Knobs, Bridge, Pickups---there both completely different...
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if price is a problem go with the custom, but between those two the studio is better imo, it looks nicer imo too
The studio has a 3 band EQ, and the Elite has a 2 band. I personally own the Elite, and love it. I'll be getting a studio 6 in the future. I love my schecters. They give me a mad case of the "warm & fuzzies."
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ok thanks i was kinda leanin towards the studio already for the 3-band EQ so yeah thanks guys