i need to change the year i was born in on facebook how do you do this?
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and when did it come to your attention that you misjudged your birthday so severely?
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....y do u need to change ur birthday?
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I think the only way is to delete and make another with your age set normally.

That's what I had to do, cause my first one was really messed up, I didn't wanna put in my real info till I knew the workings of the site, so I put everything in randomly.

Then I had to delete and make everything normal.
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no i just want to join my high school network and i joined facebook when i was in eight grade so i said i was born 5 years earlier then i really am
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well what legal consequences?
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Yeah, I had to delete my facebook and get another one cause i put in the wrong birthdate. It says you can email facebook and ask them to change it too.
You can't, but then again, how is it so illegal to have set your age ahead on facebook?
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Solution: Just stop using the crap.
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