45. 47. and 48.

45 is is about 10 and a half minutes but the other two songs are both 3-4 minutes.
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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

45: Didn't like C, A was great though. F1, fantastic. B is catchy ad simple, I like. Ooh, the acoustic in K is lovely. A very nice turn there. Very simple solo, not sure how I feel about that, considering alot of your other riffs were ridiculous and great.
Oh here we are, on to second solo, much better.
Oh ma, BS O is ****ing groovy. Aw yeah. Q is kind of all over the place but I still like it.
T sounds very classical I like that.
Acoustic break is lovely. Oh and this soloey acoustic bit is great too, really adds depth to it.
That change to distort might be a bit sudden, but I could be wrong.
This is reminding me of Necrophagist at certain points.
Glad you ended with acoustic.
Very nice overall.
45 was a beast, I'll look at others another time.
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45 has been crit'd fine by Ryan Nias, so I'm gonna rate 47.

Intro 1: the change from 4/4 to 2/4 for the fast parts makes this thing fall apart for me, but other than that, it's good.
Intro 2: reminds me of the good old metal riffs, though I don't like the harmony. It just doesn't fit imho.
Pre-Verse and Verse: sounds OK, but it's very complicated in my opinion.
Pre-Chorus: again, I didn't like the harmony, but the riff is OK.
Chorus: finally, I can simply say: amazing, in my opinion it's very catchy. I felt a bit influence of In Flames.
Breakdown: I didn't like bars 44-47, but the rest is very good, and I liked the harmony here
Interlude: very strange and sudden change in melody, tempo, sound, but it's OK.
Brandon's solo: I didn't like any of the solos, they don't fit with the rythm parts for me. The change to the distorted sound was too simple and fast for me, you should've added drums, and of course I miss the bass guitar a lot! You should've taken out the little clean part after the solo imho.
Outro: again, the 4/4 -> 2/4 changes made me lose the beat.

Sorry for my (mostly) bad critic, but I feel like this song could be improved in a lot means. Though if it will be ready, it can be great

Crit mine?

Alright 48, will listen to 47 later.
Hmm, I have to say I'm not really diggin this one so far.
That 2-12 slide is kinda groovy and sounds nice, that riff kinda sounds nice but yeah....
Tapping section is alright
ouch, 124 is painful to the ear :P
136-137 and the like sound kind of messy, I think the rhythms are too different, you dont really here the actual rhythm guitars rhythm so it makes it kind of messy.
Acoustic intro and outro are alright, though it ends too suddenly. Yeah sorry, this one is a miss for me, however I will go back and listen to 45 cause I liked parts of that.
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From listening to 47, I think that you REALLY need to learn how to write proper harmonies.
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I agree with Pinkiscool, I've only heard 45, but god damn, those harmonics are awful. Dude, you really need to learn the meaning of thirds. And stay in key in the harminics. The first guitar stays in key, but the harmonizing guitar goes out of key into like a major key and ruins the whole song and it all sounds like crap. Get that worked out and some of this will kick ass.
45: Pretty Chaotic song in good way I really liked the riff at the beginning. Reminded me from Dream Theater. It's very hard to compose so long and proggressive song. I have to give you credit. Some riffs sounded bit The Dillinger Escape Plan :P Just do better solos or leave them out and voilá.

47: This was a shorter one. It has same style as the previous one. The riff after Breakdown had pretty clische pattern. Again, I have to say I didn't like the solso at all.

48: There was nothing new, pretty similar again. I think this sounded way too much similar as the previous one :S Your songs are OK but not impressive. I had to say you got very own style. I would say it Chaotic Metal :P

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Cool intro riffs, reminds me kind of necrophagist but less complicated. The riff after was good too, especially with the crashes. I didn't really like C at all. D was interestign with the time signature. E was okay, but I didn't really like the way everythign fit together. F1 was too random. G was a cool heavy riff. H was really cool when it first came in. Then with the drums and stuff it didnt really suit it. Everything till the acoustic part was okay. I like the acoustic bits. as well as the part after it.

I dont have time to go through the rest since I have hw and stuff to do, but It was pretty good. Good job.
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Great intro, hits you hard right off the bat. Nice groovy riff right after that. I wasn't too fond of C, but D was excellent. You made the 7/8 work well. E wasn't my favoprite, either. Something about the rhythm seemed really awkward. Nice feel change in F1. H is excellent as well. Nice return to that groove riff. I would add more of a drum solo to DS, it will make that empty space more filled. Nice acoustic part. Added an excellent change. I would build up a little more before the acoustic, though, to emphasize the transition. The part after the acoustic is excellent and I loved the lead. M was great. The N solos we're good, too, they had a very exotic feel to them. What was with BS? Very strange change, but it fits. I hope you don't expect people to take T seriously, because I found it almost comical. This next acoustic part is better than the first. The transition into the main riff is a little rough. I would work on that. This next solo sounded off to me. I would just omit it. I'm not too fond of this rhythm part, either. I'm not a big fan of the chugging right after that. The acoustic bit after that is good, though. It's good to see people experimenting with long structures and progressive elements, but I think this would sound better as two seperate songs. Even with prog guys like Opeth, the song all flows perfectly and it feels like the same song, even when they're on the 10th or so riff in the song. Yours was good, but it felt a little disjointed. I think some polishing would solve any of the minor problems, however. You must also be very patient, because once I get to about 5-6 minutes with a song, I've had enough. Good Job, just needs some fine tuning.

A and B = excellent, hands down.
C = didn't really dig this riff tho
D = Second best riff :P
E = 6/10 riff
F = Strange riff, didn't dig it that much.
G = Nice heavy riff
H = Nice Melodic riff.
L = My favorite Riffs
M and N i didn't like very much
all the riffs until the riff before the acoustic part werent that good imo.
Acoustic part = Super
Overall - Pretty nice song but i think its too long with too many different riffs.


Intro 1 = nice right onto business riff :P
Intro 2 = not really a fan of riffs of that kind
Verse = pretty nice work there
Pre-Chorus = 50:50
Chorus = Very nice
Breakdown = Heavy. but kinda falls apart because of the harmony part which didnt work out very well.
Interlude = i see you are very good at acoustic riffs.I dont like uberfast solos very much.
Overall - Very nice metal song.


I like the whole song except the place where the lead part goes on for too long.