Hey, I'm currently running a Strat with a very hot humbucker in the bridge. I was just wondering if there's a better config for ska and offbeat playing, such as any guitars that are better or have better pickups.
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Well, I have an HSS strat as well, and what I do is just use the bridge pickup and turn the tone knob for that pickup all the way up. If you want even more treble, you can increase the treble on your amp, and/or decrease the bass.
the bridge humbucker probably throws off the tone... id suggest using the middle or neck if you want to get a ska-ish sound out of your current guitar...

but if you want a new guitar then i second the tele
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Aaron Barret of RBF commonly uses Les Paul style guitars...
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The only problem I can see is you describing it as "very hot." If you rolled off your volume knob, that should calm it down a good bit.
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