is there any way i can tell which im better at? like something i can play from both?
Well do you like playing solos or riffs and chords?

There really doesn't have to be a definitive difference between the two.
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why do you need to know which you're better at? and the answer is probably rhythm, since most rhythm parts are ten times easier than the corresponding lead part.
Try learning both the rhythm and lead parts from a song you like. See what you enjoy playing the most. But you really should learn to play both rhythm and lead, as learning one will give you greater understanding of the other.
lead is so fun, but rhythem hold it together. its like a burger
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i'm better at lead, even though i hate soloing. i own at soloing, but i feel like im hogging the attention. but i'm better at lead cause i can play and sing at the same time.
Not all rythm is easy theres a few songs that have harder rythm than solo. IMO i believe the rythm in sultan of swing is harder than the solo. that and Couldn't stand the weather but thats my thoughts... A good choppy rythm is rather fun to play.
imo lead is harder, rhythm is a lot of little riffs with some pretty tough chords here and there. Lead is a constant scatter of notes, which often times requires alternate picking, which I have major trouble with.

Most people choose rhythm over lead, only because it's easier, not because they want to.

I personally like rhythm better though.
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is there any way i can tell which im better at? like something i can play from both?
...A rhythm part and a lead part...?
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if you don't have any rhythm, then I can't imagine the leads being decent. But other than that playing either or has its big moments such as...

Rhythm if you aren't rock solid at it, then a song can lose all of its momentum.
Lead all ears on you for your solos, so you gotta be good at keeping the solo within the purpose of the song or else people will think you're just showing off.
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Rhythm is easier, and you get to think up catchy chord progressions and things off the top of your head, just think john lennon.

Lead is a little harder, but it can be a more rewarding experience than rhythm
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I love playing rythym. Playing rythym isnt as hard as like sweeps, but not all rythym parts are "ten times easier than lead." Just cause its a solo doesnt make it hard. Theres some metal riffage that is so fast and well written that it takes days just to master one rythym section. Also: People like playing lead because they get more attention. Simple as that. I have fun playing rythym , and I hold it down as well. You need a good rythm player to have a good solo.
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