I need a good hardshell case that fits a Jackson Rhoads RR3. Don't say the Jackson Molded case, because I already tried and I can't find it anywhere. Preferably not a coffin case, but I might give one a try anyway. Thanks.
check the measurements, but i know a few of the skb's are universal, which means you might get lucky, if not this model then maybe another, it's a good company...


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Yeah, I saw those, but I'm just hoping that maybe someone who also has a Rhoads has a hardshell that fits well. Any other input?
A rectangle hardshell for a bass works. At least that's what I was told it was. My friend had a Rhoads V and the music store brought out one that was like a longer/wider strat case and I think the guy said it was normally for a bass of sorts. I now have the case somehow and since I may not be buying a V myself I was thinking of selling it. It fit his V quite nicely.
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