didnt know for sure which forum it belongs in, searched and couldnt find anything.

i got this album today, and i am still kind of shocked by it. what are your opinions on it? i think the lyrical content is absolutely un-believable. nikki sixx's delivery on this album is just unreal.

your opinions?
i havent heard it, but i might buy it. idk. But i think Nikki Sixx might turn out like Tommy Lee-fighting country singers and doing reality TV. or something like that Rockstar show tommy did.
^I doubt it. I actually don't see Nikki ever really doing any sort of reality tv....i hope I'm not wrong. I like him..he, to me at least, always seemed like the most down-to-earth guy from Motley Crue. He's more into traveling, helping kids out, and photography. I don't really see him becoming some rock star with a big(ger) ego anytime soon. I think he's gotten over that already..from his early Crue days.

Anyway, haven't given a listen to his new album. I've only heard the first song which I really can't comment on 'cause I've only heard it once. Sixx, I think, was always the most creative member of Motely Crue...I like his stuff. Also, he did a good album with his previous band, Brides of Destruction. I liked the one and only album Nikki really participated in. I'm sure this new record is good. I'll have to check it out.
I am totally looking forward to his new book though. Anyone know when it comes out? Or is it out already and I'm just really behind?