Hi all,

I wrote and recorded something different from the usual guitar grounded rock, and decided it was time to stop me putting down crappy vocals, so i got my friend, who has an amazing voice, to put down the vocals for me.


She did an amazing job.

Bear in mind that this is just part of the complete song that I'm still working on, and she said she's not happy with her part.

Please give any useful feedback, and as always, kudos are welcome.

I'll be more than happy to listen to any songs you guys have, just leave a link.

Thanks in advance!
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listen now. Intro is cool. You werent lieing about the girls voice, its nice...its very now aswell. I love the piano. Its very good. The drum sound is kind of dull and eh. The girls voice is good, but the song is eh. Theres no real climax in the whole song. Im not gonna say its mono tone, but its keep the same feel through out the whole thing, which got a little boring. All in all its pretty good man, good piano work and singing, very good pop feel.

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I liked it. Not really soemthing I'd usually listen to. But your friend does have a very nice voice.