Yeah, I really need to get in contact with a user there, I'm gonna have no amplifier soon and he's selling the one I want. The website won't let me register because it won't send me or my friend any e-mails.

I need someone to PM this guy and give him my e-mail address. That's it - if anyone is willing to do this favor for me, PM me. Thanks in advance.
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I'll paypal whoever does this for me a SHINY NEW DOLLAR!!! OMFG
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But since I wanna help you out in a way that takes barely any effort, I will bump this thread for you.

make a gmail account then try to register.

Im assuming you're trying with hotmail. it's crap for allowing companies and websites to send you email.

for some reason it stops the genuine companies and only lets thru spam and scam emails.

if that doesnt help then I dont know what else you could do.
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I tried to register, it didn't send me the confirmation mail(gmail).

Think the site's messed, mate
Cool, replies.

I found out that their e-mail server has been down since like the 13th of September, but I found some old March 2007 registration details in my old gmails I sent the PM, Mark IV here I come!