to be honest, the video was boring, but i did like the song. were the voices in the background intentional? i think you could have had a better build up, i was expecting somethin else, but i enjoyed it once it got there. the guitar parts were for the most part appropriate. that drumming did get annoying after a while, maybe add some variation? it definitely grew on me. well done.

crit mine?

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listening now.....i like the simple guitar intro, good note selection. The tapping is that supposed to be like drums of the song? It sounds like your tapping a desktop or soemthing. Cool editing in the video. Is the alittle delay in the audio though? The song kinda gets alittle repetive with the same sections over and over again. The vocal harmonies are good. But theres room for some kind of insturmentation, maybe some different guitar chords, or leads who knows...but decent song nonetheless man

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