Has anyone had any experience with any of the explorer shaped esps? are they any good? does anyone know about an explorer shaped guitar with a floyd rose style tremolo on it. I;m looking to get something like this. Somewhere around 500 to 600 doll hairs.
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What is it, an LTD EX-400? I haven't had personal experience with them but they sure as hell look nice.
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i have an ex-50, its made in indonasia, um, lemme check the year, its not there, but its the new ones, its got the LH-150 pickups, i play a lot of different types of music, power metal to death metal, from beatles to gnr, from red hot chili peppers to children of bodom, and from my experience, its an awesome guitar, when i got it, i told the guy's down at the store to adjust the truss rod for a whole note down, and they did it for free, the sound is awesome with distortion, no matter what you play,and the clean tone, is pretty good to, but its still not a strat or tele so dont expect wayy too much,

the bad sides, its an explorar, it dus a bit of a nose dive, but youll get used to it after a while, or you can just buy a wide belt( costs around 30- X $)

other thing, it dusnt fit in any gig bags, either you gotta get the esp explorar hard case or any other case for dat matter, but if you wanna get a gig bag, use a keyboard one,