Ok If this has been answered before please point me in that direction.

Someone said you could get Guitar Pro, mute out everything you dont need, export is as a wave, and work with it in recording software or covert it to an mp3. Cool...it works, but there is like no volume and i have my computers turned as high as it can go.

Can someone help me? I have Vista if that means anything, and dont give me **** about Vista sucking, use it first and then come back and argue, it may not be the best but it gets the job done (although that arguement is neither here nor there, so dont bring it up).

Thanks in advance.
i had this same problem when i tried to record stuff with with a bootleg ass setup plugged into my computer's mic port. download wavepad by NCH software and amplify the sound before you import it into your guitar recording software, also what software do you use to record?
don't worry, chuck norris can fix it.
^Im using Cubase LE.
And i dont really understand what your saying...When its goes to export the .wav, its like using an internal sound or something like that...
Im on a laptop and the sound comes out the speakers fine, but when i play it back like in Windows media or something else, the sound is mega low.
^So you play the song in it's window, open up recording software (in your case, Audactiy) and just press record on the software?