I have several amps but never experimeted with it! I just got a Peavey Envoy 110 for liek $40 from my guiitar shop cause it didn't work! Well I fixed it and now I realized since it was so cheap i want to make this amp into a frankinstien guitar. I hooked this small solid state 40 watt amp to a 2-12" cabinet speaker by mesa boogie. And it sounds awesome! when miced it's good enough to do huge gigs...well thing is im bored with this amp already! it needs better sound! so is it possible to replace this speaker inside of it a 10" Blue Marvel 6Ohm speaker. I was looking through a mesa boogie catelogue i got. and they have replacement speakers in there and these are the same speakers inside one of my dads mesa boogies! and its a 10" Eminence E50 50 Watt 8Ohm amp...now the speaker is 10 watts bigger and 2 ohms biggr...now i don't know anything about amp customizing so take it easy!
I replaced the Blue Marvel in my old 80's Peavey Backstage Plus with a Carvin Full Range 10" speaker and its a night and day difference. More and tighter punch/bass, better high end (a lot less "fizz" on distortion.) Louder (because of the efficiency increase.) Very tube-like sound. Go for it. I replaced it with an 8 ohm and no ill effects. Just be careful when you put it in. On my replacement speaker the voice-coil basket was much bigger and heavier, making it very difficult to fit into the rear baffle. The damn baffle was glued and tolexed in so I opted to squeeze it in through the port. Almost punctured the cone with one of the mounting screws.
If i do it i'm going to have a local guitar tech do it! he said he would do it for free! haha he is the guitar for my dads band so its all good i think! im hoing it works! and the mesa speaker is only $50! and i know mesa is known for quality!