Short and sweet, very nice, not insanely technical but very catchy. The only thing i would change is maybe add a more technical riff in there somewhere that isnt based on rhythm and more on the technicallity, a nice dissonant one would be sweet. but keep it in the same time sig as the song flows great at the moment and you wouldnt want to disturb that. The solo was amazingly good by the way, especially the harmonised bits.

Edit: i just uploaded a new song of mine, mind checking it out?

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Pretty nice man. Good intro, especially at 5 when the drums change. That part was pretty bangin.

I didn't like the verse riff so much without the harmony. It was just too repetitive sounding, and the drums were a little overpowering. Once the harmony kicked in it sounded cool though.

Nice little sweep riff. The solo was cool too. Short, but good.

Overall it was pretty good. It could use another riff or two. Maybe a variation on the verse?

Great intro riff. I really liked it, especially with the harmony.

Good verse riff. The harmony was good.

The bridge/riff with sweep was kinda boring because it was the same as the intro. Nice sweep though.

The solo wasn't bad at all.

And the chorus again was kinda boring because it was the same riff as the "Intro" and "Bridge/Sweep"

I would reccommend brainstorming for a few more riffs to take the place of the chorus (definitely) and maybe the sweeping bridge.

I like the whole idea behind the song though. (But it was kinda short )


Plz crit one of mine? In sig
wow that was awesome, although it's tuned really low A#? wow.
I loved the verse riff and the little technical runs well done, this would make an awesome track when its recorded, especially with the double bass.
good job.