what is involved in a fret dress job and what is the usual cost. is it something i can do. i am a machinist and it seems that i can just level the frets and crown them off but i not shure how far i can go with removing the material from the frets. help please
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you can file the frets down if you want, but don't go far. it's better to leave it up to the professionals on this one though. price? i don't know.
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i have no idea a....... but i'm a 1st year engineering student and i'm confident enough 2 bust out scalloping on my frets if that's similar to what ur thinking of doing then i'd say go 4 it.........
Remove as little material as you can from the frets to get them level.
Do abit of research before trying it, there is plenty of info on the net you can find.