the only one i'v ever even looked at playing was wait and bleed......... it's not 2 tricky........ plus it'l score big with de gothic ladies me thinks.......... :P
there are hard slipknot songs?
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circle --- easiest song ever, its got like 4 chords or something?

but yea, pretty much any slipknot song is easy if u know what ur doing
They're all easy. Just pick your favorite one you wanna play.
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To those who say they're all easy, listen to opium of the people, the solo's to welcom, or pulse of the maggots and say it again. Honestly. I'm sure to some people, those songs are easy, but to most they aren't. (This is coming from a guy who is currently learning rusty cooley songs)
dude sweep picking is not hard, so when you say "im learning rustey cooley songs" it doesnt really mean anything to me, yes i know how hard rusty cooley is so dont point out that fact, but once you have sweeps down its all a matter of sitting there with a metronome and practicing

i remember when i used to envy sweep pickers, now that i know how to do it its "meh", a real solo takes a lot more skill then raking that pick my friend, it has to have emotion

and in saying so, i never once said the solos from POTM and welcome and opium were easy, they're quite technical indeed, im saying the majority of slipknot songs = laughable, and i used to be a huge slipknot fan, they're the band that opened the world of metal to me so i still respect em for that

and also, since we're on the topic =P, do you know any nevermore?
all slip knot songs are easy do u kno how to downtune, and do u know how to strum do u even own a guitar.
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a real solo takes a lot more skill then raking that pick my friend, it has to have emotion

Quoted for truth. Most fast solos sound like **** accually.
^^^Yes, once you get the hang of sweeping its relatively easy, but thats true with most guitar techniques imo. Also, yes a good solo needs to have emotion, but that makes it hard to play in a different way. Capturing emotion, or very technical speedy solos can both be difficult, which was my arguement about those songs. For nevermore, I'm learning Psalm of Lydia and Final Product--I'm about half done with both.
Vermillion Pt 2 and Circle are easy to learn.

But I'm guessing you want some heavy Slipknot, so I'd say Duality or Before I Forget.

Duality sounds daunting but it's actually simple and it helps you perfect your pinch harmonics, and Before I Forget can help you build up some finger strength and speed cause the intro riff is quite fast.

Hope that helps.
Depends what you mean by easy.

Simple chordy shit: Snuff, Prelude 3.0, Vermilion Pt 2, Circle.
Easy garage jams: Wait and Bleed, Duality, Before I Forget, Sulfur (don't attempt the solo), Gehenna
Easy but tricky enough to challenge you if you're inexperienced: Wherein Lies Continue, Dead Memories, Psychosocial (maybe not the solos for either)
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