this is my take on the tegan and sara song. its a little bit different than the original and i started it and finished it today. the vocals arent too great but im not really a singer... at all. this is my first time using a few of the effect such as the first guitar solo which is a super distorted mix of phaser and tremolo played with a slide.

its in my profile. thanks
Nice job on the song

It sounds like you plugged your acoustic in to the recorder...Did you? Nice overall vibe to the song.

On the downside, the vocals can be improved on but that in itself takes time. It sounds like you have the right idea anyways. I think if yeh just pushed your voice out a bit more it would sound alot better. Also did yeh sing and play at the same time, if so nice job

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thanks and yeah i plugged straight in. im still very self conscious about my voice so i dont like singing to loudly but im trying more and more everyday. i didnt sing and play at the same time on this one (although i could) so that i wouldnt lose my rhythm. thank you.
2 things:
Firstly, the instrumentals are very well done! The rhythm guitar is nice, the recording quality is indeed amazing.. The backing sounds really add to the song too.
Secondly, you DO need improvement on your vocals. At least you sing on key but you dont really have a singing voice.. yet

Check out my cover (its instrumental because my voice is even worse )

Hey pretty cool , but as you said you should work on the vocals.
Also , was the very firt guitar part intentionaly out of tune ?.

Anyway , i dont know if this is a cover or an original but its pretty cool .

Rock on
Lower the acoustic and make the background parts a little louder, and as its been said, have more confidence in your voice. It's cool and I can tell you, your voice, and your rig have a lot of potential that just needs a little bit of fine tunning to come out.
I thought it was good, the vocals werent that bad imo opinion. just keep working on it. Thanks for critting mine.

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Quote by Evil_Magician

Also , was the very firt guitar part intentionaly out of tune ?.

haha thats just my crappy slide playing combined with weird effects which make it sound out of tune.

thanks for everyones comments they helped a lot.
did i crit everyone already or am i missing one of you?