First song I've posted here in a while... It was meant to be a tech death song at first (Necrophagist, The Faceless), but as it went along it kind of got more progressive. Sounds like a mix of Opeth, Necrophagist, Dream Theater, and... some jazz band at the end, lol.

I might still make some changes, but they'll be small and probably won't be noticed...

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Well this wasn't too bad. But not my favorite. It seemed like it wasn't really going anywhere. I didn't really feel it until the 3/4 measures started...Everything after that was pretty good...


I think you should also pan you guitars and instruments left and right to give different feelings and to compliment the harmonics...

Sry if I sounded rude, I didn't mean to. Just didn't really appeal to me.

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**** that was weird lol, the start section was sweet i loved the main riff in it. didnt like the acoustic section but then the 5/4 riff cam in again and it was like meshuggah, pretty crazy, the solo was badass but the second section was weird lol with the jazzyness. all in all i think you should cut out all the crap and make it a pure tech death song as that was the stuff that seemed to be best in it.

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I liked it, the only part i disliked was that acoustic part in the beginning. the organ worked alright with the song.

I really enjoyed that. Parts didnt seem to have a place in the song, but the unpredictability really added to it.

Edit: And the soloing! The solos were top notch.
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