i'm saving up to buy a new guitar, but i'm wondering if i should get a 6 string guitar or if i should get a 7 string guitar. if i get the 6 string it will be cheaper, but theres more i could do with a 7 string (at least i think so). so if you have a 7 string guitar could you tell me what it's like, or if you have both is there much of a difference besides the extra string, like is it any harder to play?
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get a seven string, any song you can play with a six string you can play with a seven string

not much harder to play

more you can do in general

especialy if you like korn
Unless you're into more modern forms of metal (death, progressive metal) you will probably not find much use in a seven string guitar. If you play stuff that's in B tuning or lower or have the desire to play death metal, go for the 7 Some seven strings have longer scales (for example, Schecter Hellraiser C-7 has a 26.5" scale) which may be uncomfortable for you. Obviously the neck is wider to compensate for the extra string.
If you want versatility, then the 7 string is a good option. The low B is great for pretty much everything from jazz(though usually they add a high a instead), to blues to metal. And you can rework a llot of 6 string songs onto the 7th string for add beefiness.

And it only takes a little bit to adjust to a sevenstring. Try one out in a store t see if you like it.
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don't buy a 7 string if you just wanna tune down. (a 6 string with 13-56 tuned down to B works well)

buy a 7 string because you want the extra range and feel you can utilize it fully.

as far as getting used to a 7 string, it'll take you maybe 30 minutes of sitting down and playing to get used to the extra bit of neck width. it takes a bit longer to remember that your B string is not an E string and wind up playing songs 5 steps down XD. also takes a bit of getting used to 6 strings after playing on a 7 for awhile. my 6 strings feel like toys now that i jam on my 7 almost exclusively.
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Quote by Kivarenn82
buy a 7 string because you want the extra range and feel you can utilize it fully.

The right answer IMO.
Play a 7 string and see if it fits you and your playing style, i cant stress that enough.....it is pointless buying a 7 unless you havent played one before.