Hey all,

Maybe it had been done before but just looking for some feedback on the Line 6 POD XT. Pros and cons as well as other makes or models with similar functions would be appreciated. Thanks.
I just bought one saturday, so I only have about 10 hours of messing with it. What I can say is the digitech rp 300a I had before is a toy compared to this thing. All tones across the board are better (even the ones I don't really care for have dramatic improvement). Most of the amp models seem good, but frankly i've never heard the real things so I can't tell you how close they are to the original. There are several I really like so even if they aren't close to what they say they are I don't care. The unit itself is heavy duty. How it will hold up I don't know. That will come with time. i purchased this unit to match it to the Variax 700 i have on order so I'm kinda waiting on that to really dive into it, but this thing makes all my equipment sound better. If it wasn't for the Variax I probably would have purchased the Boss GT 8, but i'm not disappointed. Well worth the money so far.
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same, just bought it awhile ago upgrading from a zoom G2 which was an upgrade from an RP50

so many options are in a pod to help finetune the tone you want. easily one of the best investments i've made for recording in a quiet setting.
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