Is it bad to practice while looking at your picking hand? I see most ppl pratice while they are looking at their fretting hand. I'm just curious if its bad. thanks
It's not bad when you're just starting out. Over time, you'll watch your hands less and less and get a better "feel" for the music.
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not really, if you know that your fret hand is doing the right thing then your good. really it doesnt matter if you look at all as long as your doing it right.
i think if you play better that way then it would be fine, though if you are good with picking the correct strings and are having issues fretting the notes then you should look at that hand, but i find that for chords i play without looking unless i mess them up, but when im picking then i will usually look at my fretting hand unless i cant find the correct strings
I'm sure it helps when you're first learning to watch both hands and see where your fingers are going as opposed to where they need to be. Once I got to the point I could play pretty well I didn't want to be tied into looking at the guitar neck, so I started practicing in total darkness so I could stop staring at the fretboard all the time. And audiences like it when you look at THEM now and then...

But starting out, yeah I think it should help to watch both of your hands, you should gradually get accustomed to where the fingers of your left hand go and where the right hand needs to pick and then you can stop watching constantly.
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Yeah, there's nothing wrong with looking at your fret hand, but I generally try not to look at it. That's just my habit. I feel that I can get better at playing without looking at my fret hand if I just play that way more often. Now, I've gotten a sort of instinct on exactly where my hand is on the fretboard.