Ok, I've been on the search for a good amp, and I really dig the Fenders, priced right and sound good for my style, but now it comes down to deciding which one? The Blues Deluxe, Deville, Junior, etc... what should I get?

I'll be playing with a band but also in my room, of course I was thinking about buying a modded Valve Junior or something for bedroom jamming. What do you guys think? Or is it just a matter of preference?
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The Deville is way too loud, you'll never need that. The Deluxe is good if you need alot of headroom, but if all you play is dirty, then get the Blues Junior. If you get the Junior, you probably won't need the VJ, but the VJ is a wonderful amp, and IMO it does not need modding.
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the blues junior is awesome for bedroom jamming if you like cleans.

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Blues Jr. would be great for you if you want a low-bit more gain amp. it has a master volume, and a preamp volume control, so you'll have the freedom to get a little grit from low volume. I have one, play in my bedroom okay, i play in a band and jam sessions, it incinerates my drummer and bassist and other guitarists.
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i would go with the deluxe, if you play alot of blues and stuff it goes really well with like a tube screamer, i usd to use it with a metal zone for some awesome sound
as mentioned above, the deville is WAY too loud for your room. Deluxe is kinda lout too. I really like Fender Blues juniors as they are VERY versitile and rather affordable. You can also mod them down the line and get even sweeter tone. BillM mods are popular blues junior mods and i hear they make it sound like a botique amp. you casn get one on eBay for around $600ish. But even stock blues juniors are great...
Out of those, I'd go for the Deluxe.

If you can afford the DeVille, another amp worth looking at might be the Deluxe Reverb. At 22W, it fits nicely between the BJ and BD in size, but is much nicer (IMHO) tone-wise.
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I'm thinking I'll probably going with the deluxe unless I find a really good deal on one of the others. Its mostly for jaming with a band, and I need cleans.
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Deluxe Reverb if you can afford it, or there's the Blues Jr for cheaper.
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if you want a deluxe, get the blues deluxe. better OD than the hot rod and fairly similar cleans. if you need cleans with a band then forget about the blues jr.
i have a blues deluxe and i definitely recommend it.
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i have a blues deluxe and i definitely recommend it.

Same here on both sentiments!
Deluxe, Super, or Twin Reverb if you can afford...you didn't specify price range.

I own the Twin and have played a deluxe and a super and can vouch for all of them that they're great amps.

I've never played the smaller ones.
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Deluxe FTW. Or a Deville. Plenty of headroom, and if you play around carefully with the EQ on the distortion you can yield some nice tones. Personally I'd just set it just before breakup on clean, and get 1 or 2 good boost pedals and use those for gain. Look for 'em used. Blues Deluxe sounds more in your range for what you do.

But if you have the money, go for a used old fender tube combo (black or silver face) off flea-bay and put a good pedal in front of it! Heaven!
i've got a twin reverb 2. it's 105 watts which is prolly waaayyyyyyyy too much for what you need but the regular twins are 75-85 watts. still enough to smoke any drummer. got mine less than a year ago at a pawn shop. it's old but man it's awesome. they wanted 600 for it but i worked out a trade to get it. best move i ever made. can't speak for the deluxes and such but the quality will be there. go play some and pick your sound. but if you go ahead and get one of the bigger ones like i mentioned then you may not ever have to buy another amp.

good luck

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Slats beat me to it once more.

The blues deluxe would be the most appealing out of those for me, but the OD is not as nice as it could be. I like them paired with a nice OD pedal. But the Deluxe Reverb would be fantastic.
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