Sometime in the future I'd like to modify my 1985 Peavey Milestone.

I'll include pictures just incase it will help with my questions.

The first thing I'd like to know is..

Is there anyway to get scratches and nicks out of your guitar?
This guitar was out many many years before I was born, that being said there are some minor, and some pretty deep nicks in it. They aren't huge, just kind of deep.
Is there anyway to get those removed or something?

My next question is, do all of you think the guitar would look good with a black pickguard?
If not, what color should I get, or what design?

I also need to by new knobs for it, someone suggested these to me.

Probably either, the..
Chrome Dome Knobs, Chrome Barrel Knobs, or the Chrome Concentric Knob.
Once again, if any of you have any better ideas please tell me.

My last question is how do people get custom markings on their necks?

Such as on this..

I'd really love to get Cross Inlays on mine.

Any help with these questions would be highly appreciated.
I can't answer the question about the nicks and dents in detail, but to my knowledge there is some stuff available you can fill em in with.. so long as its only in the lacquer, not certain bout that but its what I hear.

As for the knobs and pickguard, I think a black pickguard would look freakin rad on that thing. and that either black knobs or chrome knobs of your preference would match. Personally, I'd try to get all black hardware to match that plastic on your Pups, but good luck finding abridge, but so long as all your hardware looks pretty uniform i think it'll look good.

now, the inlays, you'd have to reinlay all the frets on your guitar to get cross inlays like that, I'm no expert so I don't know how its done, someone else could answer better than I.

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Thats noise violation in a box!
If I cannot find another bridge ((Well, not me..Me asking the guys at my shop rather..))
What do you think I should get done with the knobs and pickguard?

Also, in your personal opinion, how much do you think getting my frets redone would cost?
i dont know anything about removing scratches, but something tells me not much can be done.

those concentric knobs are for concentric pots; those are 2 pots stacked on top of each other, to have 2 functions from the space of one pot. so dont get those.

uhm, stewmac sells an inlay kit for something like $50 i think, so you could look into that. id say a custom job would cost upwards of $100, if youre thinking of going that route.

personally, i think that guitar looks awesome. i would just get a new knob, maybe replace the electronics, strap locks, and just clean it up real good (0000 steel wool will do wonders for that chrome).
I do not want to scratch it anymore than it already is.

I do not want to change necks since that one fits my hands perfectly.

I also cannot find any cross inlays on the stewmac site. I will not be doing the changing, I'll pay someone at the shop to do it.
I've just started guitar really, not sure how to do anything.