I love the Jackson Kelly but i keep hearing bad things about the trem. Are there any Kelly's with good trems or a hardtail bridge? Is the licensed trem a direct swap for a OFR?
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I believe the licensed trem is a direct swap. I'm not sure about the quality of the licensed trem though.. I think the JS series has a kelly with a hardtail.
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What model? The old X series had crappy trems, as did the Performers. The older Pro Series also had some questionable trems (the all chrome ones). The newer ones are fine though.
^Really? Cos they're still licensed and not real ones though :s or not?
the trems on the ke3 pro series are licenced floyd roses, but i hear they're great, and if you don't like it, its a direct swap for an OFR. the more expensive ke2 select series comes with a OFR though. The entry-level js30ke is the one with the string thru body bridge.
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The 06 and 07 trems are made by Schaller so there's no need to worry.

The JT580s on the Kelly Professionals are NOT made by Schaller. The USAs due to have FORs though. JT580, JT500 = Jackson, JT590, OFR = Schaller.