From this:

To this:

The first picture was a test setup that I hooked up. It had master volume and tone and a rotatry switch for adding either the bridge or the neck pickup in series or parallel (determined by the other switch) with the 5-way switch. It was complicated but I got to find the combinations that I really liked, and that is what lead to the second setup.

I wanted more power for leads so a humbucker went in the bridge and I realised that I only really used the neck in series with the middle or the bridge from the rotary setup so I bought a super switch and I use the toggle to switch between standard and the custom switching. The custom switching goes as follows:
1. Bridge in Series
2. Bridge Split in parallel with Middle
3. Bridge Split in series with Neck
4. Middle in parallel with Neck
5. Middle in series with Neck

This way all the positions are hum-cancelling and I get the sounds that I want.

Well there's my explanation of what I did. How did it turn out? What do you think of the black pickguard with white and zebra pickups?
And for those of you wondering, it is a Squire Strat from 1996.