Hey does anyone know if it possible to convert a song that normally has a capo to a lower key? I was trying to do This Is The One by The Stone Roses and it requires a capo on the second fret but I don't have one.

Even just a basic chords version for the song would be great. Thanks, please give it a go
all things are possible with 6 strings.

if it says E, play an F#.

or, play the whole tune down a step. play chords as written.
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you have three options.... just slide it two frets lower on your fretboard (toward the head) since all the capo does is move your nut up the fretboard toward the soundhole. So if it's 320033 from the capo just play 320033 but it will be a whole step lower pitch. If it says capo 2 and you play it with capo 2 then if it says 320033 then you're playing a G chord 3 frets from the capo which is actually like playing 542255 on a non capo'd guitar. Instead of the first note being a G at the 3rd fret it's an A at the 5th.

SECOND option... if you can convert the song to use barre chords you just need to figure everything as if it was needing to have 222222 all the way across for anything you fret and if for some odd reason you strummed an open guitar you'd have to barre the entire 2. If you were playing a D chord XX0232 you would have to make this (without a capo) as XX2454

If it's possible to convert using Barre chords then you play it like that.. otherwise THIRD OPTION... you have to figure out all the chords used when fretted at 2. Then find the tonal equivalent at a different easier fingering using a non capo'd open guitar or using an alternate tuning...

My opinion is to use option 1 by just dropping it two frets and playing as described unless it's one of those really ringy sounding songs... if that's not working well then you gotta do option 2. My guess since you're asking what to do you probably can't do option 3 yet without a lot of work mentally working through it.
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Wow thanks for the help, I really wasn't expecting that. I really really appreciate it, I'll go work on it now.

Thankyou both once again