are there any books on composition and stuff?

im starting to compose afew of my songs, but im not too sure how do i start

normally i started out with some riff and simple leads based on certain scales. the melody created however is being used as a vocal chorus melody rather than a guitar solo. then i select chords that sound pleasant with it and the work towards the intro and stuff, am i doing in a right way?

it could be me but normally my composition end up quite similar to songs i fancy without me knowing that (normally been pointed out by friends). of course with a difference touch but its rather obvious when placed between them. Will i get any copyright issue on this? how do i change this habit? to put in a harsh way, its a ripped off version. im pretty pissed at myself being so cheap
=>First organize the song structure, so that is remains interesting to the listener.

=>For an intro don't use a repeating pattern, but a catchy melody based on the main arpeggios of the scale with some short rests and maybe adding some legato notes or slides up to your root note.

=>Then figure out a main riff or a main chord progression. Avoid giving every note or chord the same value. Try this pattern for example Whole-Whole-Half-Half-Whole.

=>The chorus could be a melody based on a simple slowly-played string skipping where the vocals can sing over, or a simple chaging holded note. Ofcourse the chorus can be a chord progression too.

=>For a solo you can change the key you play in (I suggest you move two semitones higher here) and the tempo too. Use a repeating riff as backing track or a holded chord. Try changing the key again during the solo, moving even higher or returning to the original key of the song.

=>Place after the solo a kind of a breakdown where the guitar just holds a rythm- form in low-tempo feel or some fast unbends for example

Return to the main-riff/main-chord-progression and the chorus afterwards. A nice idea is to get the tempo very low for the end.
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