I was just wondering if any of you know of any good mmos out there that are free? and by free i mean i don't mind paying for the game itself but i would rather not pay any monthly fees and stuff like that. I've been playing eudemons a lot, and i've grown tired of it. I tried guild wars out and didnt really like it too much either. So just let me know what some of your favs are, i generally like the fantasy type setting, but if it's a truly good game then i'll play whatever.
Much Appreciated
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I hear a lot about Anarchy Online, I knew a guy who started playing that and quit WoW afterwards, so I guess it's pretty good.
yeah i checked out anarchy online awhile back, but i dunno, i just don't like the first person mmos, i like to be able to see when i equip new armor, weapons and such.
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maplestory is quite good... i got sick of it though.
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I agree ripe, I played WoW for a few months, pretty cool game.

Maplestory is pretty cool too, though last time I played it, it was sort of basic.
i was really interested in final fantasy 11, but then alas i figured out it was first person, i guess i'll check out maplestory and see how it is, but thanks guys.
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ao isnt first peron look through the controls menu and you can switch to 3rd person, but free acount are gimped and ul never be able to pvp with anyon who pays for even the most basic of the expansions
just so i dont have to edit every post i make, let me clarify something I CANT TYPE WELL....thanks