I've been looking all over the interweb for good video guitar lessons, but everybody claims that their method of teaching is the best and I don't know who to believe. I don't mind paying, as long as the price is reasonable. When reccomending a site can you tell me if you've had experience with this site before?

Helped me a lot with a whole lot of different techniques. Pinches harmonics, alternate picking, chords, hammer-ons/pull-offs and all that.

Sometimes when I cant work out how a song is played I just look it up on youtube. There's bound to be a cover or something on it if it's a moderately popular song.
There are several I like, Justinguitar.com and nextlevelguitar.com

Justin is a really really great teacher, my fave right now and Dave is good also but I like Justin's style. Both taught me a LOT in the past 4 months. Ther's Vguitarlessons.com also but the web site is iffy at best but Ben is also very good. The brits have a good way of teaching I find.
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the sites tommy2tone has mentioned are great ones ,
I realy love Justinguitar.com as well .
you may also try http://www.expertvillage.com/ (just type in "guitar lessons")
they have some organized lessons posted ...

and you can use my humble blog for guitar video lessons
free guitar lessons
just type in the upper left corner "beginner" or freely browse by the lesson names at the left side .
note: It's hasn't been neatly organized yet...