Poll: Favorite Dream Theater Album?
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When Dream And Day Unite
0 0%
Images And Words
2 20%
1 10%
Scenes From a Memory
4 40%
A Change of Seasons
0 0%
Falling Into Infinity
0 0%
Systematic Chaos
1 10%
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
0 0%
Train of Thought
1 10%
1 10%
Voters: 10.
Aight, this got locked in the pit, so I'll post it in it's proper place, the metal forum. So, favorite DT album? Mine would have to be Scenes From a Memory or Systematic Chaos, only because it's the first time I'd ever listened to Dream Theater, so I have a soft spot for it.
Hard to say really. I'm going to vote Scenes From a Memory as it is the most memorable album for me. Falling Into Infinity comes in at second place, though.