So im trying to write some songs, not for my band...just for me.

Basicly all I do is pick a key (most of the time its G..nice simple) then pick a chord progression (i-bVI-bIII-bVII kinda thing) then I write the guitar out in guitar pro with a random rhythem I make up. After that I throw in a bassline with roots and 5ths and octaves and that then I do a basicly beat on drums

This has worked out onces or twise but most other times it sounds really stock and bland (now this doesnt really supprise me)

So what I wanna know is what are some ways to write intresting songs this way..I dont play guitar see.

How does one think up awesome riffs and that stuff..

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For riffs, (and basically songwriting as a whole) you need to listen/learn lots of different music, (learn all the classic riffs to learn what makes a good one, too) and that will subconsciously indent in you what to play next when you come up with an interesting idea on the guitar.

Also, the best time to accidentally come up with a good riff/lick/chord progression is when you are not thinking too hard about it, e.g. watching TV whilst playing, basically you let your fingers do the walking; this will not work unless you have a repertoire of other peoples music, to subconsciously know what should come next and what sounds good.
I'd say, learn guitar. :\
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Few things that work for me:

1.) You appear to be a bass player. There's nothing wrong with writing riffs on bass, and transferring them to guitar.

2.) Don't place yourself in a key before you even make up the song. There's just no point, and it will only limit you. The vast majority of songs and progressions that I've written have not been written with any particular key in mind. I just find random weird chords that I think sound cool, and write songs around them. I couldn't even write out the chord progressions to most of them, since I have no idea what chords they are.

3.) One thing I do now and then (being a guitarist, bassist, and drummer) is write guitar or bass riffs/licks based around what I'm envisioning on drums. Basically, I write fairly rhythmic stuff, similar to, say, Tool. Or I'll write a guitar progression based around a bass riff.

For the most part, I'd say, don't worry about what chord or what progression you're playing. Just put your fingers on some random frets and random strings, and see what chords you come up with. That's what I tend to do when I really have some writer's block.
There's really no good answer how to write interesting songs or awesome riffs. Only thing I can think is learn more instruments then just bass. Since you write everything yourself you should know at least the basics of drums, bass, guitar, keyboard etc. If you want to write guitar riffs then it would be pretty essential that you knew how to play guitar, no?