Long story short. I need a bass player for a black/doom metal project. Location is not a factor as I don't intend to play live.
In short the sound I intend is a violent fusion of black metal and doom metal, heavily inspired by Shrum (http://www.myspace.com/shrumtribute). The inspiration from Shrum derives from the fact that they used 2 basses instead of the traditional guitar/bass set up. Essentially this project intends to utilise that into more a doom/black sound. I'm inspired by stuff ranging from suicidal black metal, funeral doom, drone and pretty much everything else. I'm the vocalist/lyricist and I have a drummer ready. All that is left in the triumvirate is a bassist, so if any here are interested please PM me.

As I said, location is not a factor.
Thanks for the post. Yeah, Shrum is a huge influence to say the least. It's a shame Audie was taken so early in life, who knows what Shrum could have done beyond the demo?
My idea is to pay tribute by utilising the influence but obviously in a different style (I don't want it to sound like a Shrum clone, if you get me).
hi yeh Ive read your post and Im definetly interested however I dont play bass guitar I play guitar but Ive always been a fan of using bass guitars with distortion and overdrive to bring the heavy you know so yeh im really interested just depends what you think about it really.
Cheers hope to hear soon
Cheers mate. If you don't have a bass, you could always do what many have done and take the two top strings off (I guess, I'm not a guitarist) and down tune in. I'm not sure what sound you'd get from that though. Alternatively, could you borrow one from somebody.
Check out Shrum (link is in my first post, and see if you think you can achieve that sort of tone by doing what I said first).