Basicaly same pickups,same finish, diff neck position eg inverted,same price.....same Guitar. BUT one has a floyd and one has a string through body. im not sure what one To get,im thinking the string though body option. However i like the things u can do With a floyd, can some one tell me how the tuning stability would be on the floyd one Please?
Cheers Stew
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I'd have the string through, because I hear the trems on those sorts of guitars suck and put you out of tune.
the one with the tremolo, is lower quality.

instead of the jackson company paying for the bridge, they put the money into the guitar instead.

so the one without the tremolo is probably better.
Neither of them are stellar, but the DKT is awesome with new pickups. The JS30DK has a really cheap trem with soft metal on it, and doesn't look or feel like it will last too long.