I'm starting university in two weeks, and I'm looking for some good software that will allow me to budget and input all my expenditures. I'm using AceMoney at the moment, but there isn't a good system to input what I spend money on.
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Budgets? Pfft, real students wing it every month. Sure, sometimes you run out of money and have to drink from the drainpipes, and it doesn't rain so often so you have to go down to the lake and the lake is full of dead fish but you think what the hell? why not and have a sip and end up in the hospital and you can't remember how you got there

This looks good, too: http://www.download.com/3120-20_4-0.html?tg=dl-20&qt=budgeting%20software&tag=srch
That sounds like you're sucking all the fun out of learning to cope, and enjoy yourself.
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as long as you have the rent paid, the rest is alla bit random. You can do alright on about £5 of food a week. lol
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