Got an english assignment due in on friday and I need the Pit's help

What I got to do is twist a tale.
I have to write a story that fits into one of the major genres (could be a fairy tale, thriller, comedy whatever) and tell a stereotypical story of that genre. Then when the reader expects what is going to happen I twist the tale and do something way out of the genre.

Example; when cinderella is going to get married with the price she falls down the stairs and breaks her neck

So what i want you to do is give me some inspiration. Totally whacked out ideas are warmly appreciated.


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Have cinderella have B U T T S E C K S with the prince

Ummm does it have to be based around another story or can you make up anything?
you can make up an original story. and btw...love dio's idea

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Just have a story that starts as a comedy, then all of a sudden without warning turn it into a tragedy by killing off everyone close to main character and having their house burn down or something.
Cinderella... with zombies!
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^Zombies ftw!

Dio's idea is more plausable though. How about a romcom in which the love interest turns out to be a stalker/psychopath/murderer and the protaganist ends up locked in a basement or somesuch and tortured/abused?
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hmm nice ideas guys, keep em coming trying formulate a nice little plot here!

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