Hi everyone...I just bought a new DS7 distortion pedal and a Jimy Hendrix Wah pedal..
Well the prob is when I plug the distortion pedal in my amp I get a weird sound..I plugged it correctly and it does provide distortion..but the sound sometimes feels kinda weird..and when I just plug it in and don`t touch any strings it emits a loud buzzing noise..and sound like rain drops..weird..when I plug it together with my wah pedal it sounds even worse..I have a solid Roland cube 30 amp..anyway..My clean channel is always turned on..and the sound isn`t 20% as crunchy as it should be..so I`m asking if I did everything right..tnx
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My guess is you have a bad lead somewhere in the chain. I could be wrong, but that seems the most likely to me.
But the pedal has to be pluged into the "Input" slot right?
And is this a problem with the amp?
Yes, the Input. It could either be a Problem with the Input electronics on the amp, or, IMO more likely, a Dodgy Lead, try replace your guitar leads and see what happens.
Well..I just boght a new lead so I don`t think there`s a problem in that:P
Just found out that when I play some tunes..the buzzing noise stops..but as soon as I stop playing it becomes loud again..anyway..it feels like there is no gain even if I put it to the max:/
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Well...the buzzing sound emits only when the dist. pedal is plugged..when I plug the Wah pedal it sounds great..no problem with the sound whatsoever..
Ermm..Actually when I use both pedals..it seems better that the dist. pedal is linked directly to the amp..and the wah to the guitar..but problem is the dist. pedal has a weird sound even it is the only pedal linked to the amp and guitar..I`m linked ones..