Heres The second song i intent to record soon for my death metal project, it has no vocals yet although i have decided on a theme of the lyrics also i have yet to write a solo, but there is a place for it.

ill need to work on some transition back into the riffs after it and an ending but this is the basis of the song, check it out, it has a real decapitated feel to it if you ask me.


Edit: Updated
New Death#.zip
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Updated with a few riff changes. Ill do a solo tomorrow and update it then and ill also add some fills in for the drums. although 18 views so far and not a single crit whats goin on?

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its hard to crit death metal when we have to base our opinion on a lousy gp-midi.. But I will give it a try heh ..

I went trough the song and for me it dident really seem like it was going anywhere.. I miss some more variations in the riffs..

but im sure it will be better when you get to listen to an actual recording with vocals and bass.
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yeah in the guitar pro file i tagged where i would be intending vocals to be, but for midi purposes, they would be over the second 2 repeats of the 3rd riff then over the 4th new riff, then the same riff again then there would be a solo, then vocals over the repeat of the intro riff then each subsequent riff to fade. you probably wont undertand that but yeah lol

i hope to get this recorded soon but i still have to write lyrics for it
Haha, nice intro... But I didn't really like the double bass part right before it started. Try adding something else to it.

I really liked the fist few bars of riff1.

Meh, it kind of got repetitive after a while, but with vocals it would probably sound better. I'll listen to it again after you put the solo in

It's pretty good so far, man. The only suggestions I can give would be to add some harmonies somewhere--maybe at 7, 31 or 37. Just where the parts repeat a few times so it'll keep it from being too repetitive.

Also, at the end of bar 4 (and others like it) where you have the quick rests and 16th notes, I think it would sound good if you made those three notes a power chord instead of a single note. It would add a little depth make just make it sound a little heavier (not that it's not heavy already haha).

But yeah, good job. Little repetitive, but all the riffs are good and vocals would sound sweet. Now you just have to write a hot solo to go in there.
Cool man, cool.

The intro riff was good although i think you need to work on your drums here, they were too weak IMO.

Riff1 was also awesome, but i didn't like how bar 14 ended, maybe end it on a D5?

The one at 15 was killer.

Vocal2 was...odd.
Didn't really fit, sounds too happy, it's that F# that you hit at the end of the bars.

That one at bar 32 sounds really familiar, I think it was from a LOG lesson from Guitar Techniques magazine. Otherwise good.

Needs bass though, that was the only major flaw, other than that nitpicking, good job.

Crit mine?
Thanks man, ive just uploaded a changed version of some riffs and that. but only really to Vocal 2. anyhoo that thing at 32 i just made up. maybe its a coincidence whatever it stays LOG havent put it in a song therefore they can GTF

i need to get a solo done but i got caught up in the riffage today and have written another one lol. but ill get that sorted and ill work on some fills and stuff for the drums as those were just simple beats to fill it out.

cool riffs man but i think they're all over used, given the length and lack of variations :X... otherwise good shiz
I felt the repetition to work perfectly in this one actually.

The guitar work was great, fast as hell too.

It reminded me a bit of video game music, but I think midi does that anyway. The triplets made the beginning sound like battle music from Prince of Persia to me.

Mine pales in comparison to your song, but I can't wait to hear the recorded version with the vocals for yours.

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i liked every riff in this song. the intro was the best IMO. but it does get a bit repetitive.

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Good song guitar wise, but the drums...they sucked. Why didn't you put any double bass in there? It's death metal. You have those constant triplet eigths in there, but no sixteenths. It gets extemely boring. Plus, I doubt you can point out one death metal band that never uses double bass in a song. You have that one measure before, but none with the actual music. I think you really need to fix up the drums. Also, where are all the fills? You gotta at least throw some more snare hits in there and have a few fills.

You really need to work on the dums, but the guitar is good. It does get repetative, but with vocals in there it will sound bad ass. Keep workin on it though, it'll definately kick ass in the recording.