Hello UG!

Well, what can I say.. we were just making some fun and you might enjoy it, at least we hope some of you do
I think it sounds a bit sloppy but it's quite a sloppy song actually, haha but it's so much fun.

So as always please share your thoughts with us

Oh and if you stick with the video until the end, you'll get a very special bonus!!

Thank you!

(By the way.. we got some real serious projects coming up too.. )
Quote by Ferrarone
wtf is that thing out the window at the end?!?!

Oh, that was just an UFO flying by. We get that a lot here in Holland.
yeah ufo's all over tha place

Thanks for the nice words Ferrarone!
pretty good. work on the solo? otherwise not bad

Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.