Hi (I'm a noob but intend to stay around for the fun),

I have a B.C Rich N.J series Jr.V (in a limited edition colour, even) and I need a set up but I'm also clueless as to whether I need a repair or not.

The guitar hasn't had a setup for well over year so it's certainly due but I've currently got two problems. Fret/String Buzz on the high E and the guitar keeps on goign out of tune (even without using trem arm). I think it keeps going out of tune because it's a Floyd Rose (licensed) and I probably have the wrong number of springs in the back of the guitar - I'm using gauge 10 strings and I think I've only got 2 springs in the back. Would this be the reason for it going out of tune?

If you think it is would getting rid of the fret buzz and tuning problem be sorted by the setup.

(yes the email was edited from when I posted it to my local guitar shop) lol but please if any of you guys know about this or could give me a heads up it'd be wicked
it shouldnt go out of tune no matter how many springs are in.

2 questions.
Are they new strings, and do you have the locking nut shut properly?
it would most likely be the knife edges on the trem wearing out that is making it go out of tune. the trem block probably needs to be raised to raise the action to stop the buzz
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take it to the shop...they`ll set it up for you...they`ll tell you your problem...replace worn down saddles etc.
I like what I've heard; keep it coming if you've got any other ideas.

Thanks so far