Many moons ago whilst still at school, I used to play an online game which involved a floating/ flying plane which you navigated through a plain filled with triangular obstacles.
The view was looking at the plane from behind and it would move forward of its own accord and you would just make it go left and right.

It was a very simplistic game but very fun none the less.

Any idea what it might be called? Links?

Many thanks
Sometimes I feel like Axing my Axe.
No it was more of a sci fi plane thing. It kinda hovered off the ground and the speed of the triangles coming at you would increase gradually throughout the game.
Sometimes I feel like Axing my Axe.
Its not that game but it is pretty much the same except for the cubes being triangles and the little arrow thing was a proper little space ship.

In fact, the game you linked is the same game, but updated and made shiner. Thanks a lot! Any ideas what the original was called or where it is?
Sometimes I feel like Axing my Axe.
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