Newest song is up.. both either link in sig.. on the UG profile it's the 3rd finished song.. on myspace.. wilk rocket.. the one at the top..

check it out and let me know what you think.. and link your page and i'll check your stuff out


I liked how you held the note on the intro, then drums kicked in and then the bass. I thought it sounded excellent. The rest of the song is kind of.. repetitive, though. Maybe you could change in some way.. I'm not sure how. I also liked how you ended it by getting slower and softer.
I wasn't sure about your tone at first, but it does actually fit the song very well. Brilliant quality recording as well. Well done!
Take a look at mine if you want: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=672054
cool man.. glad you liked it, yeah repetition is hard to get around in that type of song.. lyrics would make it better for sure.. thanks for the crit, going to check yours out now..

I don't think your guitar tone is fat enough or your playing clean enough to stand on its own in the intro.

When the rest of the band comes in things start to get really cool though.

I would double that pedal tone riff definitely though (possibly harmonize too?).

The rhythm for the first powerchord is really cool, the mutes sound great.

The riffy part after that is excellent too! Although there is a track in the background during that part that just seems to be making noise and it is bothering me.

The bass solo is sweet too, I think I heard use of the harmonic minor there at the end, which is always cool.

The outro with the pedal tone melody is a pretty weak way to end though, once again, I don't think your guitar can stand as one track, and I heard a bad note there near the end, I would definitely support it with possibly just whole notes from a rhythm guitar.

But overall, I certainly did enjoy this, it just needs vocals now!

Crit mine please?